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Using a Super Genie Library Object

Using a Super Genie library object is initially not as simple as using a Super Genie page.

To use a Super Genie library object you need to:

Note: When the Super Genie is attached to a genie, the Super Genie library object is instantiated and becomes a new page in your project. This means any object can be configured to call the Super Genie page.

Create and Save a Genie object

In the following example a button will be created and saved as a genie. The Super Genie library object created in a previous example will then be attached to the genie.

  1. Select File | New Genie
  2. Draw the button that the user will click at runtime to display the popup. This button will call a Super Genie Cicode function, which performs the associations and displays the dynamically generated values
  3. Configure the input tab. In the example below the AssMetadata Cicode function is used to call the Super Genie.
  4. Configure the Metadata tab – define the name | value pairs. Match the name of the metadata with the name of the association, so the dynamically generated value is assigned to the correct association at runtime.
  5. Note: For metadata values with no corresponding tag configured, place the value within single quotes otherwise a hardware alarm will be raised. For example if a value MyTitle has been configured to substitute a Super Genie window title (?TItle?), then configure the value as 'MyTitle'

  6. Save your genie to a genie library.

Attach a Super Genie to the Genie

Attaching a Super Genie to a Genie:

  1. With the Genie open, select Edit | Attach Super Genie.
  2. Click Add, and the Super Genie Dialog box will open.
  3. Select the library the Super Genie belongs to.
  4. Select the Super Genie to attach e.g. !PopUp_SG and click OK.
  5. The Super Genie is added to the Attach Super Genie list.
  6. Click OK to save the changes, or click Cancel.

Note: A Super Genie can be attached to more than one Genie.

Using a Super Genie with a Genie:

  1. From the graphics page select Edit | Paste Genie, browse for the Genie you just created, and select it.
  2. On Pasting the Genie, a dialog will open prompting you to fill in the fields and enter the variable tags.

Note: To avoid compilation errors variable tags used in a Super Genie needs to be defined in the variable tags database. Alarm tags can also be used (allowing you use alarm tag properties).

Using tags through Super Genies at runtime increases your dynamic license point count. Super Genies called after you have reached your point limit will return #COM. For more information see license point count in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

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