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Configuring Events

You can use an event to trigger an action, such as a command or set of commands. For example, an operator can be notified when a process is complete, or a series of instructions can be executed when a process reaches a certain stage.

Events needs to be enabled for events to run. Use the Computer Setup Wizard (Custom setup) to enable Events. If using a network, you can process events on any computer (or every computer).

Note: The Events system is not redundant. That is, it is not possible to assign primary and standby Events Servers. If you require a redundant event reporting system, use reports instead. See Reporting Information.

To define an event:

  1. Choose System | Events. The Events dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the event properties.
  3. Click Add to append a new record, or Replace to modify an existing record
  4. Note: The Events Server needs to be enabled for events to work.

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