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Custom Tabbed Menus Toolbar

The tab style templates provides a tabbed toolbar to present the custom menus defined in the menu configuration database. The tabbed menu toolbar consists of following components:

Tab buttons

Tab buttons are equivalent of selecting a menu option in a traditional menu system. Each tab contains a list of menu items (represented as icons) relating to that tab.

Menu icons (buttons)

Each tab contains a row of menu icons, each of which either performs a function such as calling up a page or running a Cicode expression.

Sub-menu drop down lists

Optionally, a drop-down list may be provided next to the menu icon for further options. You can also view it as a sub-menu to the top-level tab. In this case, the menu icon serves as a collection point for related sub-menu items.

Hidden menu items

Where there are too many menu items to fit comfortably within the menu bar (either for the tabs or the menu icons), a pair of drop-down list buttons are supplied at either end of the menu bar which provide access to the menu items. The horizontal arrow buttons on the menu bar displays only those items not visible on either side of the screen. The vertical arrow button on the left side of the menu bar displays menu items (either tabs or the menu icons for the currently selected tab)

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