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Creating Custom Menus

The content of the tabbed menus on pages based on the tab style templates can be configured via the Menu Configuration dialog, which is launched from Citect Project Editor at configuration time. This is different to how menus are defined in the CSV_Include project. If you are migrating from CSV_Include project to the tab style templates, you can use the Migration Tool to migrate the CSV_Include menu definition to the Menu Configuration database.

The tabbed menus read the menu configuration data in a custom fashion which are explained in Defining page menus.

You can choose to use the default menus offered by the tab style templates which can be turn on or off based on parameter [Page]AddDefaultMenu. Items in the default menus are assigned with a sorting order of 100. When you configure to show the default menus and your own defined menus at the same time, the two will be merged and ordered accordingly. The default menus contain the following items:

Tabs Buttons
Pages Automatically populate the non-system pages configured in the project and included project(s)
Alarms Active Alarms
Alarm Summary
Disabled Alarms
Hardware Alarms
Trends Process Analyst
Calls Cicode function: PageProcessAnalyst("", "")
Process Analyst Popup
Calls Cicode function: ProcessAnalystPopup("","")

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