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Defining page menus

Page menus in the tab style templates are defined using the Menu Configuration dialog. For tab templates the fields have the following properties:


The relative display position of the tabs / buttons or menu items among themselves. For the tabs and buttons, it determines the display order from left to right. For the drop-down menu items, it determines the display order from the top to the bottom. If this field is left blank, it will take the default value of 0. The relevant entries will be displayed at the start as a result. If more than 1 entry of the same order exists, they are displayed in the same order as they are defined in the database.

Level 1

This represents the tabs on the tab bar.

Level 2

This represents the buttons displayed under a particular tab.

Level 3

This represents the menu items of the dropdown menu next to a particular button.

Level 4

This represents the sub-menu items of a particular dropdown menu item.

Menu Command

The Cicode expression to be executed when the menu item is selected. String of 256 characters.


The symbol to associate with the menu entry in the format of <library name>.<symbol name>. The template expects the symbol to be a certain size when it is configured against different menu types: For tabs, symbols are 16 x 16 pixels. For buttons, symbols are 32 x 32 pixels. Some common symbols can be found in the symbol libraries of icons_16x16 and icons_32x32. The field is not applicable for menu and sub-menu items.


A comment about the menu entry. String of 128 characters.


The page on which this entry will exist. If blank, the entry exists every page. The page name of "Template" is a keyword used in the templates for defining custom pop-up menus.

Hidden when

The tab menu bar on the template does not support visibility. When the expression defined in this field is true, the relevant menu entry is disabled instead.

Disabled when

Cicode expression to determine when the menu entry is disabled on the page. String of 256 characters.

Disabled style

This field is not used by the tab menu bar on the template.


The width (measured in pixels) of the item appear on the page. If this is not specified, the item is automatically sized to show the most content. This field only applies to the tabs and buttons.

The objects used in the template are subjected to minimum widths: Tab (Level 1)= 63 pixels, and Button(Level 2) = 61 pixels.


Whether the menu item shows a check mark next to it. This field only applies to the menu items and sub-menu items.


The user privilege of (0-8) necessary to select the menu entry.


The user area (0-255) necessary to select the menu entry.

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