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Displaying a deployment

When you display a deployment, it downloads the necessary Web Client component file from the Web Server, enabling you to run the associated CitectSCADA project in your Web browser.

Note: The Citect.ini file settings used by a Web Client are taken from the Citect.ini file on the Web Server at the time of connection. This includes which clusters a Web Client has access to. To switch clusters in a project viewed using a Web Client, use the functions ClusterActivate and ClusterDeactivate.

To display a deployment:

  1. Locate the deployment you want to display in the list of available deployments.
  2. Click the relevant icon (Start Control Client or Start View-only Client) to display the deployment.

The display options available to you depend on your login permissions. If you select the View-only Client icon (the one with the gold lock), you can only read the current values for the CitectSCADA project.

Once the necessary project files and components have been downloaded, the CitectSCADA project appears. You can now navigate the project pages as necessary.

Note: An alert message might appear if the current user on the client machine does not have Windows administrator rights when a new or updated component file (.cab file) is downloaded. Verify that the current Windows user has administrator rights if a new deployment is run or an updated .cab file needs to be downloaded.

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