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The Driver Update Utility

The Driver Update Utility is a tool that determines whether an update is available for the CitectSCADA drivers you have installed on a computer. It achieves this by scanning a PC and comparing the locally installed drivers with those available on the Citect Driver Web.

When a scan is finished, a merged list of drivers is displayed. Each will fall into one of the following categories:

Once you have viewed the list, you can download a driver update (or any of the new drivers) directly from the Update Utility.


The Driver Update Utility operates independently to CitectSCADA and is installed separately. The installer is available in the Extras directory on the CitectSCADA installation disk, or you can obtain a copy from the Citect DriverWeb at

Note: The Driver Update Utility needs an Internet connection to operate successfully. It uses a secure 128-connection when connecting to the DriverWeb.

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