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Chains the associations from the current Super Genie to a new Super Genie. Use this function to display a new Super Genie when you already have one displayed. The new Super Genie will inherit the associations of the first Super Genie.

This function provides the lowest level of support for chaining associations from one Super Genie to another. You should call the higher level functions AssChainPage(), AssChainWin(), and AssChainPopUp() - these functions are simpler to use.


AssChain(hDest, hSource, nMode)


The next Super Genie to display in the window specified here will inherit the associations of the current Super Genie - enter the window number, or:


The number of the window containing the source Super Genie (that is the Super Genie from which the associations will be inherited).


The mode of the association. Set to 0.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

Ass, AssMetadata, AssMetadataPage, AssMetadataPopup, AssMetadataWin, AssChainPage, AssChainPopUp, AssChainWin, AssChainWinFree, AssGetProperty, AssGetScale, AssInfo, AssInfoEx, AssPage, AssPopUp, AssScaleStr, AssTag, AssTitle, AssVarTags, AssWin


// Copy associations from the current Super Genie to !NewGenie
AssChain(WinNumber(), WinNumber(), 0);

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