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This function gets association information about the current Super Genie from the datasource (that is information about a variable tag that has been substituted into the Super Genie). You can only call this function on a Super Genie after the associations are completed.

Use this function to display association information as part of the Super Genie. For example, if you have a Super Genie that is a loop controller, you could display the name of the loop at the top of the loop controller box. Each time the Super Genie is used with different associations (specifically a different tag name association) the correct loop name will be displayed.

If a constant value is associated, then only the constant value can be retrieved through the TagName property. The remaining properties are not valid.

This function replaces AssInfo.


AssGetProperty(iArg, sProperty [, iCached] )


The argument number or name of the association from which to get information.


The property to read. Property names are case sensitive. Supported properties are:

Address - The configured address of the associated tag (as specified in the variable tags form)

ArraySize - Array size of the associated tag. Returns 1 for non-array types

AssFullName - Full name of the association tag in the form cluster.tagname even if the tag is not resolved

ClusterName - Name of the cluster the associated tag resides on.

DataBitWidth - Number of bits used to store the value

Description - Description of the associated tag

EngUnitsHigh - Maximum scaled value

EngUnitsLow - Minimum scaled value

Format - Format bit string. The format information is stored in the integer as follows:

ErrorValUsed - Returns 1 if the defined error value was used for the SuperGenie association. This means that tag name is invalid/unresolved or the substitutions are not complete. This is only relevant for named SuperGenies. 0 is returned if the association string provided a value, or a default value was not defined.

FormatDecPlaces - Number of decimal places for default format

FormatWidth - Number of characters used in default format

FullName - Full name of the association tag in the form cluster.tagname If the association tag is not resolved, returns an empty string.

Literal - Returns 1 if the substitution is a literal value, returns 0 if the substitution is a tag name.

RangeHigh - Maximum unscaled value

RangeLow - Minimum unscaled value

TagName - Name of the tag for the specified association

Type - Raw type of associated tag

Units - Engineering Units for example, %, mm, Volts


Optional flag to attempt to retrieve the cached value for the property rather than the current value. This makes the function non-blocking. If the property has not yet been cached, an error is set.

0 - Do not force cached read. Cicode is blocking

1 - Force cached read. Cicode is non-blocking

Default value is 1 (true)

Return Value

String representation of the property of the association. On detection of an error, an empty string and an error are set.

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//Using a string identifier for the substitution parameter

AssGetProperty("MILK_LEVEL", "TagName", 0);

// Get the engineering full scale value for the 2nd
// argument of the association of the current Super Genie
EngFullScale = AssGetProperty(2, "EngUnitsHigh", 0);
// Get the cached engineering units for the 3rd argument
// of the association of the current Super Genie
MeasureUnits = AssGetProperty(3, "Units", 1);

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