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Associates up to eight variable tags with a Super Genie. This association is only made for the next Super Genie you display (either in the current window or in a new window). This function has an offset that allows you to specify which substitution string the first variable tag will replace. This means that if you have a Super Genie with more than 8 substitution strings, you can use this function repeatedly (while increasing the offset), until you have associated the necessary variable tags.

This function has the same effect as calling the Ass() function or the AssTag() function eight times. The AssVarTags() function is a quick way of associating up to eight Super Genie variables at the same time.

Note:This function does not support named associations. To use named associations refer to AssMetadata.


AssVarTags(hWin, nOffset, sTag1, [sTag2..8] )


The association will be created for the next Super Genie to display in the window specified here - enter the window number or:

-3 - for the current window when the page is changed. The page can be changed by using the Page Cicode functions like PageDisplay, PageGoto, etc.

-2 - for the next new window or page displayed.


By default, the first variable tag (sTag1) will replace substitution string 1, and sTag2 will replace substitution string 2, and so on. Enter an offset to change this so that sTag1 replaces a substitution string other than the first. For example, an offset of 8 means that sTag1 replaces string 9 instead of the default string 1 (8+1=9), and sTag2 replaces string 10 instead of string 2 (8+2=10) etc. This means that you can use this function repeatedly to associate more than eight variables.


The physical variable tags (up to eight) to be associated with the Super Genie. For any given Super Genie, the variable tags will replace the Super Genie substitution strings as follows:

If nOffset is 0...

sTag1 will replace the substitution string 1,


sTag2 will replace the substitution string 2, etc.

If nOffset is 8...

sTag1 will replace the substitution string 9,


sTag2 will replace the substitution string 10, etc.

Because there is a strict correlation between the variable tag numbers and the substitution string numbers, you need to know how your Super Genie substitutions are numbered. For example, if your Super Genie has three unique substitution strings, numbered 1, 3, & 4, you need to enter a blank ("") for sTag2.

The name of the tag can be prefixed by the name of the cluster for example, "ClusterName.Tag".

Return Value

No value is returned.

Related Functions

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// Associate 12 variables to the Super Genie
AssVarTags(WinNumber(), 0, "PV123", "SP123", "OP123", "PV124", "SP124", "OP124", "PV125", "SP125");
AssVarTags(WinNumber(), 8, "OP125", "PV126", "SP126", "OP126");
PageDisplay("!MyGenie"); // Display the Super Genie

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