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The EquipBrowseGetField function retrieves the value of the specified field from the record the data browse cursor is currently referencing.

This function is a non-blocking function. It does not block the calling Cicode task.


EquipBrowseGetField(iSession, sFieldName)


The handle to a browse session previously returned by a EquipBrowseOpen call.


The name of the field that references the value to be returned. Supported fields are:

Name, Cluster, Type, Area, Location, IODevice, Page, Help, Comment, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4, Custom5, Custom6, Custom7, Custom8.

See Browse Function Field Reference for information about fields.

Return Value

The value of the specified field as a string. An empty string may or may not be an indication that an error has been detected. The last error should be checked in this instance to determine if an error has actually occurred.

Related Functions

EquipBrowseClose, EquipBrowseFirst, EquipBrowseNext, EquipBrowseNumRecords, EquipBrowseOpen, EquipBrowsePrev, EquipCheckUpdate, EquipGetProperty


STRING fieldValue = "";
STRING fieldName = "TYPE";
INT errorCode = 0;
fieldValue = EquipBrowseGetField(iSession, sFieldName);
IF fieldValue <> "" THEN
// Successful case
// Function returned an error

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