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The EquipBrowseOpen function initiates a new browse session and returns a handle to the new session that can be used in subsequent data browse function calls.

This function is a blocking function. It blocks the calling Cicode task until the operation is complete.


EquipBrowseOpen( [sFilter] [, sFields] [, sClusters] )


A filter expression specifying the records to return during the browse. An empty string indicates that all records will be returned. Where a fieldname is not specified in the filter, it is assumed to be tagname. For example, the filter "AAA" is equivalent to "name=AAA".


Specifies via a comma delimited string the columns to be returned during the browse. An empty string indicates that the server will return all available columns. Supported fields are:

Name, Cluster, Type, Area, Location, IODevice, Page, Help, Comment, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4, Custom5, Custom6, Custom7, Custom8.

See Browse Function Field Reference for information about fields.


An optional parameter that specifies via a comma delimited string the subset of the clusters to browse. An empty string indicates that all connected clusters will be browsed.

Return Value

Returns an integer handle to the browse session. Returns -1 when an error is detected.

Related Functions

EquipBrowseClose, EquipBrowseFirst, EquipBrowseGetField, EquipBrowseNext, EquipBrowseNumRecords, EquipBrowsePrev, EquipCheckUpdate, EquipGetProperty


INT iSession;
iSession = EquipBrowseOpen("NAME=ABC*", "NAME,AREA", "ClusterA,ClusterB");
IF iSession <> -1 THEN
// Successful case
// Function returned an error

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