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This function reads a property of an equipment database record from the EQUIP.DBF database file.


EquipGetProperty(sName, sField)


The name of the equipment from which to get information. The name of the equipment can be prefixed by the name of the cluster that is "ClusterName.Equipment".


The field to read. Supported fields are:

Name, Cluster, Type, Area, Location, IODevice, Page, Help, Comment, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4, Custom5, Custom6, Custom7, Custom8.

Name - The name of the equipment (254 characters).

Cluster - The cluster to which the equipment belongs (16 characters).

Type - The equipment-specific type of device (254 characters).

Area - Area number (integer) (16 characters).

Location - Equipment specific field (254 characters).

IODevice - I/O Device name(s) (254 characters).

Page - Page name (254 characters).

Help - Help context (254 characters).

Comment - User comment (254 characters).

Custom1..8 - User definable fields (254 characters each).

Return Value

String representation of the property of the equipment database entry. On error, an empty string and an error is set.

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