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Logs the current user out of the CitectSCADA system. CitectSCADA continues to run, but with access to area 0 (zero) and privilege 0 (zero) only. If the current page requires access for a specified area (as defined by the page's area property), the system returns to the home page as specified by the parameter[Page]HomePage, and if unsuccessful that returns to the startup page. When multiple pages are currently displayed, this occurs for each open window.

Calling this function to logout the logged on user will cause an automatically logged in user to be logged back on. If there is no user logged in, calling this function will return an error. When the logged on user is an automatically logged in user, calling this function will return an error.



Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

Login, LoginForm, LogoutIdle, UserInfo, Message, Input


/* Log the current user out of the system. */

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