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Alarm Log Parameters

These parameters affect the CitectSCADA alarm log format. Alarm logs can be accessed through the CtAPI and searched for specific records via the CtAPI function ctFindFirst and using CtAPIAlarmLog for the szTableName parameter.

Log files are named in the format "YYYYMMDD.TXT" and reside in the CitectSCADA DATA directory. The first line of an alarm log will list the log format used, and each alarm log entry will reside on subsequent separate lines. Alarms are logged in the order they are received, except for time-stamped alarms, which are stored in the log relevant to the date of the alarm, which may not be the current date. Therefore, when retrieving alarm log records, you should sort the results appropriately.

Alarm logging is disabled by default, and enabled by setting "NumFiles" to a value greater than zero.

The citect.ini file contains the following alarm logging parameters:

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