Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Alarm Log Parameters > [AlarmLog]Format


Determines the format of the alarm log files.

Note: You should keep the format at its default, as CitectSCADA has been optimized for this format. If the logging format is changed, it is the users responsibility to archive any existing log files of the previous format before startup.

A user specified format must contain the {Tag} and {Category} fields and either the {LocalTimeDate field} or both {Time} and {DateExt} fields. It may also contain any of the following fields: {Desc}, {State}, {LogState}, {Type}, {Name}, {Millisec}, {Help}, {Area}, {Priv} and {Value}.

By default, alarms are logged using the alarm field type of {LocalTimeDate}. This field generates a string in the fixed format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.ttt]". The time and date are local, and the millisecond field is only appended when the alarm contains millisecond data. This field type is useful for international applications.

Allowable Values: Any combination of Alarm Display Fields.

Default Value: "{LocalTimeDate,23} {Tag,32} {Desc,80} {Category,16} {LogState,16} {State,16} {State_Desc,16} {Type,16}"

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