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If an error occurs in some critical Cicode functions, your Cicode task will generate a hardware error and will halt. You may stop your Cicode task from being halted by using the ErrSet() function and checking for errors using the IsError() function. You may also stop your Cicode from being halted by setting this parameter to 0, however, the hardware error will still be generated. Setting this parameter is global to all Cicode threads, so you do not have to set ErrSet() for each Cicode tread.

The following functions can halt your current Cicode task when an error occurs: FormNew, DevOpen, DevHistory, DevNext, DevPrev, DevSeek, DevFind, DevFlush, DevRecNo, DevRead, DevReadLn, DevAppend, DevDelete, DevZap, DevControl, DevPrint, DevModify, ErrTrap, FileOpen, FileClose, FileReadBlock, FileWriteBlock, FileSeek, FileDelete, FileReName, FileSize, FileReadLn, FileCopy, SQLConnect, SQLTraceOn, SQLTraceOff, SQLErrMsg.

Allowable Values: 0 (Do Not halt Cicode when and error occurs in a function listed above).

Default Value: 1 (Halt Cicode when an error occurs in a function listed above).

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