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Enable the [Code]HaltOnInvalidTagData parameter if your application requires Citect to halt when invalid tag data is returned.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Note: Always seek the advice of Technical Support personnel for this product regarding undocumented features.

When using compiled tags in Cicode, the LAST VALID VALUE could be returned when the latest tags value is unavailable, and this value may now be incorrect.

The new [code]HaltOnInvalidTagData INI parameter has been introduced to allow you to stop Cicode when invalid tag data is returned. The default handling is to NOT stop Cicode in such a case.

Note: Existing Cicode error checking FUNCTIONS can still be used instead of this option.

When enabled will cause the Cicode to halt when any tag read returns invalid data (bad quality). This will generate a hardware alarm.

Note: The foreground code such as page animation and trend/alarm/report Cicode fields are exceptions and will not halt (page shows #COM); however button commands on a page will halt.

Note: When enabled in the citect.ini file you can still change this behaviour in code by setting the ErrSet (1) and checking IsError() manually, in this case the code will not halt.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 0

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