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Controls whether CitectSCADA updates its cache on a tag write rather than waiting for a read from the I/O device to confirm the new value.

With this option on (default) the client initiating the write will immediately show the new value as the operation begins. Other clients connected to the I/O Server will be updated on confirmation of a successful write. If the write does not succeed, the initiating client will revert back to the previous value update for that tag. Turning this option off will make sure that a new value is read from the I/O device before it is shown in any client.

Note: This parameter is loaded by both clients and I/O servers, so all such machines have to have the same setting in order to avoid potential tag value flicker issues. It is recommended to set this value in the project parameters database to make sure that all clients and servers will use the same value.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 1

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