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The directory where the runtime project is located. If you run the project from the Citect Explorer, Project Editor, Graphics Builder, or Cicode Editor, this parameter will be automatically set to the name of the current project. If you want to run a project independently of these applications, you will need to set this parameter manually. The directory needs to be a sub directory of the ..\CitectSCADA\User directory.



Restart the client process if the hardware alarm "Cicode library timestamp differs" is raised after a page is opened.

Note: A hardware alarm of "Cicode library timestamp differs" will be raised if the Cicode library used by a page has a different timestamp from the one in memory. The timestamps will be different if the project has been fully recompiled, the project has been incrementally recompiled after the page has been modified, or if the project has been incrementally recompiled after any Cicode has been modified.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

1. For RUN/COPY (File Server Redundancy) setup, use [Alarm]UseConfigLimits=0 so that the alarm properties are not persisted to the DBF/RDB files. If not the RDB files will be over written the next time they are accessed by the system.
2. If you have set a COPY directory (using the [CtEdit]Copy parameter), any changes made and compiled in that directory will be automatically copied to the RUN directory. Any file with a name that matches one of the files changed in the COPY directory will be overwritten during this process. This copy only occurs when the files are accessed at runtime.

Allowable Values: Any valid directory under the ..\CitectSCADA\User directory.

Default Value: No default value.

Note: For additional information refer to the topic Using CitectSCADA-> Compiling and Running a Project > Running the System -> "Client Side Online Changes" in the main help.

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