Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Alarm Parameters > [Alarm]UseConfigLimits


Set this parameter to force the CitectSCADA Alarm Server to use alarm property values from the database, rather than using the values which may be stored in the alarm save file. Use this parameter if you are configuring the in use database on a machine which is currently running - it will stop runtime changes to alarm property values overwriting the changes you made when the alarm server is started.

For Run/Copy (File Server Redundancy) setup, use [Alarm]UseConfigLimits=0 so that the alarm properties are not persisted to the DBF/RDB files. If not the RDB files will be over written the next time they are accessed by the system.

Allowable values: 0 or 1

Note: If the value is set to 1, it will affect the property write performance as it writes to DBF and RDB files

Default value: 0

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