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Specifies whether the Reports Server is used for translating reports containing multi-language text. If the Reports Server does not translate a report, the client viewing the report must use the LanguageFileTranslate() function to perform translation.

Note: This parameter is used by the Reports Server. It applies only to reports configured using ASCII devices. Any other logging device will have the report translated into the local language of the Reports Server - regardless of the value of this parameter.

For example, a system has one Reports Server and one client. German is set as the local language on the Reports Server, and French on the client. If [Language]ClientTranslateFile is set to 0 (zero), when the report is run, the Reports Server will produce the report with German translation. If [Language]ClientTranslateFile is set to 1 (one), the Reports Server will produce the report untranslated - still containing the @( ) formatting. To display the report on the client - in French - the LanguageFileTranslate() Cicode function must be used to perform the translation.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 0

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