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Sets the language database from which the local translations of all native strings in the project will be drawn when the project is run. Native strings are those that are preceded by a @, and enclosed in brackets (e.g. @(Motor Overload)). It determines the language of runtime text items such as alarm descriptions, button text, keyboard/alarm logs, graphic text, Cicode strings etc.

If you enter French here, CitectSCADA will create/update a language database called French.dbf when it compiles the project. This database would contain two fields, one for native text strings, the other for the French translations, as entered by the user. When the project is run, these translations will automatically display in place of the native text strings.

Allowable Values: Any string

Default Value: English

Note: If you change this parameter after or during project configuration, you must perform an Update Pages operation (from the Graphics Builder), followed by a full re-compile of the project.

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