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Function Categories

This table lists the CitectSCADA functions exposed through the Graphics Builder automation interface, grouped into the following categories:

Arrange and Position Functions

Allow you to modify the position of a selected object in three dimensions (X,Y and Z order).

Events Functions

Allow you to use the automation dispatch mechanism to fire events in specific situations.

Specific Functions

Currently include only the Visible function.

Dynamic Properties Functions

Allow you to modify the dynamic properties of the graphics objects in your project (movement, scaling, rotation, sliders, dynamic color fill).

Library Object Functions

Allow you to use and manipulate the objects stored in libraries in your project. This includes such objects as Genies, Super Genies, Symbols, and so on.

Miscellaneous Functions

Used for special interactions with the Graphics Builder, for example an external drag-and-drop action could be performed by requesting the active window handle.

Object Drawing and Property Functions

Allow you to draw objects and manipulate the properties of objects.

Options Functions

Relate to the options found under the Graphics Builder 's Tools menu.

Page Functions

Allow you to manipulate the pages in your project (for example open, close, save, delete), and select objects on those pages. This includes templates, symbols, Genies, Super Genies.

Page Properties Functions

Allow you to manipulate the properties of the pages in your project.

Project Functions

These functions operate on the project level. Some are actually initiated within Citect Project Editor or the Project Explorer.

Text Property Functions

Allow you to read and modify the properties of the text objects in your project.

For details and a VB example on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.