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Gathering information about device communication

If you cannot establish communication with a device, check the following resources for evidence of a problem:

Hardware Alarms

When an error occurs in a CitectSCADA operation, a hardware alarm is generated. Hardware alarms are typically displayed on a dedicated page within a project, allowing an operator to monitor the status of a system's infrastructure.

Hardware alarms will indicate if break in communications has occurred, if Cicode can't execute, if a server becomes inoperative, and so on. If you are having problems communicating with a device, initially check the hardware alarms page for evidence of an error.

See Hardware Alarms.

CitectSCADA log files

CitectSCADA supports a number of log files that track operational status during runtime.

The primary log file, syslog.dat, contains a log of system information; from low-level driver traffic and Kernel messages, to user-defined messages.

The Log Read and Log Write fields in the I/O Devices Properties dialog determine if logging is enabled for each I/O device.

Driver logs are also available. These relate to the operation of a particular driver and are named accordingly. For example, the OPC driver is logged in 'OPC.dat'.

For a description of the available log files and where they are stored, see Log files.

Driver errors

There are two types of driver errors that are logged to syslog.dat:

Generic errors are common to many drivers, and are mapped to general hardware errors.

Driver-specific errors are unique to a particular driver. A driver will convert a specific error into a generic error so that it can be recognized by the hardware alarm system. However, if further investigation is necessary, you can refer to a description of the original error in the Driver Reference Help. This includes a description of the errors associated with each driver.

See Driver Error Messages.

Citect Kernel

The Citect Kernel is a gateway into the internal workings of CitectSCADA at runtime, and is provided for diagnostics and debugging purposes.

The Kernel can display several different diagnostic windows each providing an active view of the CitectSCADA runtime system.

The Citect Kernel Driver window, launched via the Page Driver Kernel command, displays information about each driver in the CitectSCADA system. The statistics it presents include read requests, physical reads, digital reads per second, register reads, cache reads, error count, timeouts, and so on.

See Using the Citect Kernel.

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