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Usually each object on a graphics page is configured individually. With a Genie, you can combine several related objects into a group, and store the group in a Genie library (similar to a symbol library). The Genie can then be used as a single object (pasted, moved, resized, etc.), and the elements configured collectively. Many types of graphic objects, and their configuration data, can be stored with the Genie.

Genies work by substituting common information in an object. Genies can be groups of objects (start/stop controller) or even one object (a button), that you may want to save in the genie library so you can reuse it through out the project.

The advantage of using a Genie is that objects are defined once, and then after you place the Genie onto a page, you only need to configure the substituted properties.

Before using Genies you need to understand the following term:

Substitution –A substitution can be a number or name you use to define an object or group of object’s properties when creating a genie. Used as a placeholder the property is replaced at runtime with a real value.

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