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Configuring Genies

Configuring a new Genie is similar to creating a page with graphical objects, but with genies there is no background. Typically you create a new Genie using the Graphics Builder, add the objects, defining the Genie substitutions, and save the Genie in a Genie library.

To create a new Genie:

  1. From the File menu select New.
  2. Click the Genie button.
  3. Create your Genie object (defining your substitutions).

In the first example a button object will be created and saved as a genie:

  1. Select the button object from the drawing toolbox
  2. Draw a button and in the button properties dialog:
  3. In this example both substitutions are STRING variable types, therefore the %% characters have been enclosed in quotation marks.

  4. Click OK to close the button properties dialog.
  5. Click the Save tool, or choose File | Save.
  6. Select the Project and Library in which to store the Genie.
  7. Enter a name for the Genie in Genie.
  8. Click OK. (To create a new library for the Genie, click New. In the field provided name the new library and click OK. The name of the library is added to the library list.)

In the second example two objects are combined and saved as a genie.

A text object that shows the Level of Tank 1, and a symbol object that indicates if Tank 1 is in use.

  1. Select the symbol set object from the drawing toolbox
  2. Drag onto the blank genie page, the symbol set dialog will open
  3. Configure the appearance of the symbol set (Type, On symbol when, OFF symbol, On symbol)
  4. Select the text object and place onto the page under the symbol.
  5. Configure the text object (Type, Expression)
  6. Click OK
  7. Click the Save tool, or choose File| Save.

See Defining Substitutions for Genies

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