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Using Genies

Once you have created (defined and saved) your Genie, you can use it on any graphics page.

Using the first genie example (the button) from the create genie topic:

  1. Click the Paste Genie tool in the toolbox or choose Edit | Paste Genie
  2. In the Paste Genie dialog, select the library the genie belongs to.
  3. Select the genie from the list and click OK (Or double-click the thumbnail of the genie)
  4. The genie is pasted onto the graphics page. A dialog will open, prompting you to configure the properties of the genie. You will see that the field names match the ‘substitutions’ used when creating the genie. Click OK to close the dialog.

At runtime the dialog values you entered into the prompt replace each substitution in the genie.

To reuse this genie in the project you would enter a different title and example text when prompted.

Note: To display the properties of the individual objects in a Genie (instead of the Genie Properties), hold the Control (CTRL) key down and double-click the object. If, however, a link to the Genie has been retained, most of these properties will be read-only.

Using the second genie example:

For the on/off indicator you will need to configure the InUse and the Level substitution fields.

  1. Click the paste genie tool.
  2. Select the library (from the Library list) that contains the Genie.
  3. Select the on/off indicator and click OK.
  4. The genie is pasted onto the graphics page and you are prompted to configure the substituted values.

The examples used above are simple uses of a Genie. You can define Genies that use many objects, with substitution strings for any text property (or properties) of an object.

Note: If you use structured tags, you can use substitution strings within a tag name to construct more sophisticated Genies. See Using Structured Tag Names with Genies.

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