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Getting Started

The CitectSCADA Web Client Help is designed to guide you through the steps necessary to successfully set up a Web Client system.

For detailed information on installing and configuring the web server, refer to the The CitectSCADA Installation and Configuration Guide which is available in a PDF format on the Installation CD, or in the Documentation folder of your CitectSCADA installation.

To facilitate your installation, first familiarize yourself with the System architecture, and then work your way through the following steps, as they will logically guide you through the correct set up procedure.

Note: In order to implement a web client solution you need to first install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 on the web client machine.

  1. Preparing a CitectSCADA project for deployment
  2. This section explains the adjustments that need to be made to a CitectSCADA project prior to deployment on the Web Server.

  3. Configuring a deployment
  4. This section describes how to deploy a project on the Web Server, by identifying its source location and associated servers.

  5. Multi-language support
  6. If you are using IIS as your Web Server platform, there are several language options you can implement on the Web Server interface.

If you have followed the procedures outlined above and your deployed project does not seem to be performing as expected, use the Frequently Asked Questions section to help resolve any issues you might be having.