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Metadata is a list of names with corresponding values. The Metadata is attached to an objects animation point. When using any of the DspAnGetMetadata Cicode functions this Metadata is processed, with the field values retrieved, and set at runtime. At runtime Metadata cannot be added or removed.

Metadata can be implemented when configuring the following animation objects-Free Hand Line,Straight Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Pipe, Text, Number, Button, Symbol Set,Trend, Paste Symbol, Active X, Process Analyst (Database Exchange Control, Pelco Camera View Controller, CitectSCADA Web Gate Control)

Note: Metadata can also be assigned to super genie associations. See Passing animation point metadata as Super Genie associations for more information.

To add a Metadata entry:

Click Add or double click on the row to make it editable.

Insert the Name of the metadata.

Insert the corresponding Value of the specific metadata entry.

Note: At runtime Values can be changed, however when the graphics page is closed the Values will revert to the original configuration.

Click Add to save the row. The next row is highlighted and is now editable. Click on the ESC key to cancel this row or continue to enter name | value pairs until finished.

To edit a Metadata entry:

Double-click the cell you want to edit, or select a row and click the edit button.

Modify the Name or Value . Click Apply to bring your changes into effect and then OK to close the graphic object properties dialog.

Refer to Using Metadata for examples on how you can implement metadata in your project.

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