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Page Properties - Associations

An association is the name or number you use when defining a Super Genie substitution, the value or values of which are dynamically generated at runtime.

Use this tab to reference or edit existing associations. In using this tab you can add those associations that are currently in use in a Super Genie substitution and define the appropriate default value and value on error fields. You can also add a description.

Double-click in the row to make it editable, or Click Add.


Note: On upgrading from an earlier version of CitectSCADA existing numbered substitutions are taken from defined Super Genie pages and automatically listed in the drop down box.

For new associations enter the name or number of the association directly in the field provided, or select the name or number of the association from the drop-down box. Only those associations that are ‘in-use’ as part of a Super Genie substitution are listed.For example, if the substitution in the expression field of a button was‘?Speed?’ then the association name is Speed.

Name Associations:

Default (optional)

Enter the default value to be used if the page association has not been performed using the Ass(..) Cicode function at runtime. The default value needs to be either a literal string enclosed in single quotes (e.g. ‘a literal value’) or a valid tag name.

Value on Error (optional):

Enter the value to be used if no default value is defined and the association is not performed, or if the defined association did not resolve to a valid tag name.

If the substitution on the page is specified in a typed format, the value will be converted to the specified type. If the value can not be converted a hardware alarm will be raised. For example, if the substitution is specified as ?INT 1? and the value on error is set as 'LowLevel', the animation will display zero (0) and a hardware alarm will be raised. Typeless substitutions will display the value on error as specified.

Description (optional):

Enter a description of the page association. The description is useful when maintaining associations.

In Use:

This column can not be edited and simply indicates if the association is in use on the current page in a Super Genie substitution.

When finished click Add, the association is then added to the table.

To edit an association select an item and click Edit or double-click on the row to make it editable. You can not edit the name of an existing association that is in use. However you can select a new name in an existing row, and when this name is <ENTERED>, a new row of information will be displayed and the existing row of data will disappear.

To delete an association select the row in the table and click Delete. You can delete associations in use or not in use. If you delete the object from the page, the status of the association used in the Super Genie substitution will be updated to not in-use.

Click Ok or Apply to save the association table or click Cancel to discard any changes you may have made.

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