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Symbol Set Properties - Appearance General (Animated)

Symbol Sets have the following general appearance (Animated) properties:

Animate when

Whenever this expression is true, the animation will run. Whenever the expression is false, the Off frame (below) will display.

To insert a tag or a function, click the Wizard button to the right of this field. This button displays two options; Insert tag, and Insert Function.

Animation frames

The symbols from Frame 1 onwards are those that will be used as the animation. They are displayed in sequence when the expression above is TRUE. The frequency at which the symbols are displayed is determined by the [Page]AnmDelay parameter. The symbol in the Off frame will display when the expression above is FALSE.

For example, to animate a running auger, you could fill out the Animate when and Animation frames fields as follows:

In this example, AUGER_RUNNING, is a variable tag which is TRUE when the auger is running. The symbols in the animation frames (Frame 1 onwards) have been designed so that when displayed in sequence, they animate a running auger. The symbol in the Off animation frame will display when AUGER_RUNNING is FALSE.

Click Apply or OK to bring your changes into effect, or Cancel to discard them and exit. Click Clear Property to clear property details, and disable the property. To define further properties for the object, click the relevant tabs.

For help on the remaining properties tabs, see Defining Common Object Properties.

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