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Maintaining a Genie

You can open an existing genie to edit it.

To open an existing Genie:

  1. Click the Open tool or choose File |Open.
  2. Select the Genie tab.
  3. Select the Project and Library in which the Genie is stored.
  4. Select the Genie.
  5. Click OK.

To delete a Genie from the project, select the Genie name, and click Delete.

If you modify a Genie after you have used it in your project, occurrences of the Genie may be automatically updated throughout the project

If you modify a Genie when the project is running in the background, you need to perform an Update Pages to see the changes in the runtime project. If a runtime page containing the Genie is displayed when the change is made, it will not be updated until you exit then re-display it.

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