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An analog reaction matrix is used for the evaluation of any kind of limit value stati and status bits of variables. In contrast to the binary matrix here the numerical values are evaluated. Not the PLC value but the adjusted measuring range value (linear or non-linear value adjustment) is used.

In combination with the status bits the variable can be checked for the following limit value definitions


any change of value violates the limit


additional entry of the limit value


additional entry of the limit value


additional entry of the limit value


additional entry of the range (

A further option can be set additionally.

Treat each change in value as a new violation.

This option activates the limit value monitoring again (e.g. renewed initiation of alarm), even if the variable value is already located in the limit value range.

info Info

A decimal value can be entered with a colon as well as with a point, the decimal point will automatically be changed to a point.