Output determination for the devices

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The output determination for the devices is especially important with regard to the assessment of the effect caused by switchings. The problem is that the output of the switched off devices cannot be measured directly and must sometimes be estimated.

In the system two mechanisms are implemented in order to determine the output

The initial value for the output of the device is determined with a polling of the variable value during the beginning of the optimization. In order to compensate errors due to fluctuations, the optimization calculates a gliding average value using the consecutively arriving measurements.

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If a component is switched off when the optimization starts, its output is presumed as zero. Thus the SCADA function cannot determine a valid output value as prerequisite for the use of the component. The component must be switch on by hand once.

attention Attention

As long as not at least one value has arrived, the output value of the component is not known and cannot be used for the optimization.