Primary factors

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The amount of the energy

In general the device selection is determined by the amount of energy which can be switched on or off.

If the requested amount of energy cannot be reached exactly, it is treated as a minimum value at a switch-off request and a maximum value at a switch-on request. At that you are on the save side regarding the adherence of the datum line.

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During the Runtime the amount of energy can be adjusted dynamically with the help of a variable.


The availability controls if the device is usable in general. The availability can be set manually and is always set back when the component can not be used because of operational reasons (e.g. at overhauls) or when the optimization should not use it.

Conditions which arise during the process can also determine the availability of the component and control its use by the optimization.


During the Runtime the availability can be adjusted dynamically with the help of a variable. For example time tables with respect to the availability can be implemented with the help of a scheduler or the Production & Facility Scheduler.