Priorities of CHPs

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A CHP has a fixed switch-on and switch-off priority. The values can be controlled by variables. Thus priorities can be controlled flexible. The takeover of a new priority takes place at the next rate interval change.

The priorities are not set for each level individually but are valid for the whole CHP.

If a least two CHPs have the same priority, the rolling priority procedure is used. A more important condition for CHPs with same priority is that they are set to the same level if possible or that they differentiate by one level at the most. The prerequisite for this is that both the switch-on priority and the switch-off priority of these CHPs is the same.

The internal reference counter for the number of switchings is incremented when the CHP is switched on. This is exactly the case when the current output passes over from one level to the next higher level. At devices using electrical current the reference counter is incremented when the component is switched off. Thus within one priority level the switching between two CHPs is compared to the switch-on and switch-off of a device.