SAP interface

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In order to connect the ERP level to the process level, zenon uses a bidirectional interface to interact with SAP applications. This gives SAP users direct access to the process level.

The control system can be configured to send messages about any type of events to the SAP application. Companies can establish a direct link between the process level and the ERP level via a closed loop, getting a complete overview over all processes – from order management and recipes to production and shipment. This allows them, for example, to monitor warehousing in real-time, as the control system in the SCADA level provides exact data about real resource consumption. With this, companies get important basic data for just-in-time production but also for long-term planning.

zenon provides an integrated communication module, which allows to transfer process data directly to SAP R3(R). In an SAP environment, this data is used for the following tasks (among others):

Process messages in SAP can be used for tasks like creating electronic lot and operation protocols or updating a process order or the stock of materials.

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Measurement documents:

The control system allows to measure the values of process variables according to time schedules and then transfer them to the SAP system as measurement documents. These measurement documents can be used in the SAP system for planning and creating maintenance tasks or for statistical purposes.

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Malfunction reports:

In addition to the measured values from the alarm messages in the control system, it is also possible to create malfunction reports in the SAP system. These reports can then trigger other actions in the SAP system, depending on the workflows defined there. For example, a malfunction report may automatically trigger the creation of a maintenance task for the affected piece of equipment.