Technical background

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Measurement documents for measuring points and counters are created in the SAP system with the function block "MEASUREM_*" . The measurement document is allocated to a measuring point or counter. Whether it is a measuring point or a counter, will be defined during the creation of the measuring point. The measuring point/counter is identified via a unique number in the SAP system.

The measuring document contains the measuring date (date, time), a measured value and its unit, a reporter (creator of the document) and a short text. If the measuring date is not specified, the date of the creation of the document will be used. In case the unit of the measured value is left out, the unit specified at the measuring point/counter will be used.

By setting the parameter COMMIT_WORK, the document will be written to the SAP database immediately. Measurement documents are created in the SAP system by executing the function block MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_001.

info Info

The function block MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_001 is created during the standard installation of the maintenance module in the SAP system.

attention Attention

Due to individual adaptations of the SAP system to specific customer requirements, these function blocks may no longer be available! In this case, the SAP system will return the error message FU_NOT_FOUND.