Technical background

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Malfunction reports in the SAP system are created by executing the function blocks ALM_PM_MAINTNOT_CREATE and ALM_PM_MAINTNOT_SAVE. If the alarm is cleared, the "Cleared time" will be entered into the malfunction report created before by executing the function blocks ALM_PM_MAINTNOT_MODIFY_DATA and ALM_PM_MAINTNOT_SAVE.

These function blocks are created in the SAP system during the standard installation of the maintenance module and are then available for external applications.

attention Attention

Due to individual adaptations of the SAP system to specific customer requirements, these function blocks may no longer be available! In this case, the SAP system will return the error message FU_NOT_FOUND.

If the event Alarm cleared occurs in zenon for one of the linked variables, the malfunction report belonging to the alarm will be searched via the document number and the time of clearance of the malfunction will be inserted. This happens by executing the function block ALM_PM_MAINTNOT_MODIFY_DATA. The document number of the malfunction report is handed over to the function block with the parameter NUMBER. The values of the fields that need to be changed are specified in the parameter NOTIFHEADER; the fields that need to be changed are specified with flags in the parameter NOTIF.

The modified malfunction report will then be stored in the SAP database by executing the function blocks ALM_and BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.