Advanced users

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In the tab Advanced you carry out settings for the on change communication with external applications (Binding, zenon driver, ...).

The following settings are available:



Range of values


Max. length of the system queue. In this queue e.g. overflows of the event queue are buffered.

1024 ... 65520

Default: 1024


Length of the alarm queue (not used at the moment)

0 ... 65520

Default: 0

max. connections

Number of possible connections (cannot be changed)

4 ... 65535

Default: 256


Length of the event queue:

In this queue the events of the straton Runtime event severs are written. From there they are sent via TCP.

If this queue overflows, the overflow messages are written in the system queue.

0 ... 65535

Default: 8192


Length of the info queue. In this queue the messages to the straton Workbench are buffered.

1024 ... 65520

Default: 32768

max. puffer

Buffer size of the events per cycle. This parameter defines how much many variables are handled by the event server per cycle.

128 ... 65535

Default: 1024


Restores the default settings


info Info

If in large projects more than 1024 variables are transferred between straton and zenon with the straton32.exe driver, the parameter Max. buffer must be increased accordingly. An easy method to find out the number of Max. buffer is the value for the compiled I/Os in the output window of straton compilers. See illustration below.