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Installation with zenon (zenon Runtime and straton Runtime on one PC)

The straton Runtime is automatically licenced with the zenon serial number. During the installation enter the serial number and the activation number in the according dialog. If no licence number is available, click on Demo Version.

Autarchic installation (straton Runtime without zenon Runtime on one PC)

For an autarkic installation (straton runs on a PC without the zenon Runtime) you can again enter the serial number and the activation number directly in the installation dialog.

Later licensing with licence order

You also can do the licensing later with the Licence order. Open the license order in the Windows start menu under Programs -> COPA-DATA -> Licensing. For later licensing the serial number and the activation number are entered in this dialog. The procedure is finished with OK.

For soft-licensing the so-called licence number must be read from the hardware configuration of your PC. Click the button for soft licensing and follow the requests in the following dialogs.

Afterwards licensing using the zenon Editor

In the zenon Editor you can open the dialog for licensing using File -> Standard configuration -> License product.... You can enter the serial number and the activation key here.

Information about the license of the straton Runtime

Open the user interface of the straton Runtime by clicking on the straton Runtime icon in the system tray. Then click on the top left corner an select About STARTONRT.... A window appears with information about version and license of the straton Runtime.