Font lists

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By default, one font list exists. It is displayed in the detailview, if the section Pictures / Fonts is selected in the Project Manager.

Context menu:

Font new

Creates a new font. The Windows dialog 'Font' is opened, where the font type, style, size, etc. can be defined. See chapter Creating a new font.

Delete font

Removes the selected font from the font list.

Font list new

Creates a new font list (same functionality as in the Project Manager). See chapter Creating a new font list.

Delete font list

Deletes the selected font list.


Saves the changes.

Font list in the Editor

Displays all existing font list, the active one is marked.

XML export selected

Fonts and font lists can be im/exported. See chapter Import/Export / Pictures / Fonts.

In the properties the name of the font list can be changed.

attention Attention

Name changes performed later on will not be integrated automatically. If you change the name of a font list after creating a function "language switch" for this font list, you also have to change the name of the font list in that function.