Creating a new font list

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In order to link elements to fonts, which do not belong to Font list 1, another font list has to be created.

Creating further font lists:

A new font list can be created in the Project Manager in the section Pictures / Fonts with the entry Font list new from the context menu. The new font list is displayed ihn the detailview of the Project Manager.

ALso here the default font is automatically created in the first position.

Activating a font list:

In order to activate a font list click in the header fo the desired font list and select the entry Font lsit in the Editor from the context menu. This can be necessary for language switchable texts. So you can check already in the Editor, how the element with the font will look in the Runtime. (e.g. whether the font is too large for a button) See chapter Language change / Fonts: Language switch / Fonts