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Modem connection

Shows the fields for the modem settings (see below).


Select serial interface:

COM1 – COM16


Data transfer rate

110; 300; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 38400; 57600; 115200


Select the desired TAPI modem here.

Telephone number

The telephone number for the connection.

HW address

The hardware address for the telephone number. Only variables for the defined hardware address are polled. If -1 is entered here, all addresses are polled.


The connection is closed, if there is no valid data exchange within this time [s].

Default: 30s

Time to connect

Within this time [s] a connection has to be established, otherwise the connection establishment is stopped with an error. In version 5.2 this setting was defined with 30s.

Default: 30s

From version 5.21

Time between calls

The modem waits this time [s] between two calls. Mail-certificated modems cannot make calls immediately one after the other.

Default: 60 s

From version 5.21

Automatic connection

If this setting is activated an a telephone number is defined, the connection establishment is started immediately on starting the Runtime.

Default configuration


9600, 19200

Data bit

8 (assigned by protocol)

Stop bit

1 (assigned by protocol)


even (assigned by protocol)


None (assigned by protocol)