Driver dialog PLC

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S5 / S7

PLC is S7 compatible

Please select, if an S7 PLC is used.

If an S7 PLC is used, extended datablocks are available instead of datablocks. This means, that datablocks with a number higher than 255 (up to 65536) can be used.

Attention:The Driver is word oriented (16 Bit). Only entire word varaibles are read/written. The S7 PLC is byte oriented (8Bit). Be sure that the addressed areas exist in the PLC as well.

Example: Example:A datablock is created until offset 17. The driver reads the offsets 17 and 18. If the offset 18 does not exist in the block, a communication error will be displayed.

Helmholz Adapter

Please select, if a Helmholz adapter is used.

With this dialog it is possible to configure this Helholz adapter. On starting the project (Runtime) these settings are sent to the adapter.

MPI Address

Address of the SSW7-RK512 in the MPI Net

CPU Destination address

Address of the target CPU

Highest Station address

highest station address