Granting user rights

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After the successful extension of the schema the authorization levels can be granted to the single users.

For this purpose the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) with the PlugIn Active Directory Users and Computers is opened.

A context menu is opened by clicking on the desired user with the right mouse button.

In the context menu there is a new menu entry zenOnUserLevel.

In this context menu the entry zenOnUserLevel has to be selected, so that the AdministrationTool (zAD_UserDlg.exe) for the selected user is opened.


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The authorization levels for zenon can only be granted directly to the user, groups and organization units are not supported.

With the AdministrationTool up to 128 authorization levels per user can be defined.


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As a default the authorization level 0 is granted to each user, it cannot be deactivated in the AdministrationTool.

This level equals the SYSTEM - User of zenon.