Nothing works!

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Check if the cable on the CE panel resp. PC is connected to the correct COM port.


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Activesync only accepts a real null modem cable!


On the CE side check, that all the settings are as described above.

Make sure, that the COM port that you use on the CE side really is a RS232 port and not a RS485/422 port.


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Question:In Activesync I always get a window Establish connection.

Answer: Execute the correct registry file.


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Question:On the computer I always get the message, that the device has not been recognized!

Answer:Do you use a real null modem cable?


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Question:Activesync becomes green, but nothing works!

Answer:On the CE panel the connection probably was started with doubleclicking it in Remnet.exe.

Start the connection with Repllog.exe.


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Question:How can I check, if I defined the correct COM port on the CE side?


Deactivate the serial COM port in Activesync under File - Connection Settings.

Start the program Hyperterminal (Go to Start - Execute, enter hypertrm and press OK).

Enter any name and press OK.

In Establish connection via select the according COM port. Leave the other settings empty. Press OK

In the connection settings enter the same parameters as under CE:

Baud rate 19200 (resp. 115200), 8, None, 1, Hardware and press OK.

Now you should have a connection to your COM port - You can if you have a connection in the status bar at the bottom left.

Start repllog.exe under CE. On each retry the Hyperterminal now says CLIENT.