Archives in the Runtime

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Now it's time to have a look at our new archive in the Runtime.


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If your Runtime is already running, you have to stop and restart it. Reloading is not sufficient here, because in the configuration of the archive we defined, that it should be started and stopped with the Runtime. If you only reload the changes, you archive would simply not been started.



As a default the archive files are stored in this directory.

First you will find a file BA.ARX. That is the file, to which values are written at the moment. We call this file the alpha archive. For our archive this file is closed and renamed every two minutes, then a new, empty file with this name is created.

The historic files have names consisting of the short term of the archive and the current date and time.


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Greenwich meantime is used  for this time stamp.


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Usually you do not have to be able to interpret the files names. You always access archive data with filters (e.g. time filters) and zenon automatically takes care that the correct files are opened.

But on exporting archives you can have the names for the export files generated automatically, where again this name convention is used.



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If some of the columns are too narrow, simply click the button Window… and change the width of the according columns in the dialogbox.

With the default settings zenon allows you to edit archive entries manually.

The following dialog opens.


This value is out of the value range of the variable, but it is accepted by zenon all the same. So here the measuring range of the variable is not checked.

The changed entry now has the new value and gets the status MVALUE. And the text color is blue.

But the changes have not yet been saved to the according archive files. This is indicated by the red title bar.

Now the new value is saved to the archive file and the title bar is light blue again.


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You can undo the changes, if you try to switch to another picture of the same template. Then you are asked, if you want to save the changes.

If you answer the question with No, the changes are not saved to the according archive file.