Picture switch - ARCHIVE

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The filters are not defined in the picture but in the settings of the function Picture switch, which opens the picture. This allows you to access the same picture with several functions that have different filter options.

The following filter options are available:


You can filter on the following states:
MVALUE: hand edited values
SPONT : values from the PLC
I-BIT : by zenonset replacement value
SO/WI: winter time values


Select the variables to be displayed with their archived values.


Select the range of values to be displayed.


On the second page of the dialogbox we can set the time filters.

The settings of the time filters are divided into two groups:

Time format

Here you can set the time period to be displayed.

Filter type

Here you define the design of the filterbox for the Runtime, to make it easier for the user to use the filter options online.

As soon as you select any option different than Default, in the Runtime an overview calendar or a list of existing batches is displayed instead of the standard filterbox.